June 3, 2021

The Truth About Making Money Online

The Truth About Making Money Online
Many people said making money online is hard. It's hard for lots of reasons including the fact that there's just so much competition out there now. You have to be very dedicated to making your site or your product a success and willing to work for it over the long term with a lot of belief and patience. It's getting harder and harder to run a service or product online and make a living from it. By that I mean you really need to have a service which is genuinely needed and genuinely works for people. Otherwise there's little point in even starting.
Develop your product, talent or service first, get it to the point where it delivers something only you can provide to your customers, something they will find useful, something of real value. Once you have that all the rest will get much easier. Let's take a simple example. Say you can play piano and so you decide to put up a piano website where you'll record video lessons teaching people to play. They'll pay a membership fee to access the video content. Well, there's already thousands of piano websites doing that so if you're teaching style or approach is just like everyone else already out there how on earth can you expect to succeed? Thats another question.

Now, if you are able to teach better than those other sites or your method for learning makes it faster to play piano O.K, now you have something of value which only you can provide to users. Now you have a shot. It's not enough to simply say those things on your website, it really has to genuinely true.
     The most common resource for bloggers making money is with Google AdSense. Go ahead and sign up, it's free! You will see AdSense at work thousands of times if you're on the Internet for any length of time. Once you sign up  Google will place ads on your pages that are relevant with Niche that you settings or enter for your site. It's not always 100% but you want to make sure that you enter the right niche for this advertising. Usually image and text ads of 300 x 250 work the best most anywhere on the web. The instructions they give are fairly easy but if you find anything not working use their help/support to get an answer and the problem fixed right away.

    This method brings in so much money it's actually become a business all to itself. Some of the talented bloggers set up sites, get ranking and traffic for the sole purpose of selling ad space to other marketers or 3rd party ad sellers. Many of these bloggers use this as one of multiple income streams created through their site. A good deal of consistent traffic visiting your blog daily could earn you 500 - 2000 dollars a month.
    Selling your own product such as e-books. Since you're an authority in your niche why not take some of your greatest tips and expand upon that by offering an e-book.  You can also use Clickbank, Amazon or even some affiiliate networks for this. Suggest you buy a copy and use the system that offers your product before your customers do.
    Become an Amazon Affiliate and allow Amazon ads on your site. One of the coolest things about being a Amazon Affiliate is that they not only pay you for cusotmers that clicked on ads from your site, but also give you commission on customers that buy other products on the same visit from your site.
    Join some of the Affiliate Networks (see Commission Junction, JVZoo) and put offers relevant to your niche on your site or in your list emails. Depending on your niche and your reach this can be either very big or vary from offer to offer in amount of commissions.
    Create a membership site for your blog/site (Profits Theme). Having a site that requires paying a resonable membership fee should give members the most value from you. Research some of the top blogs that have a membership site sign up then sign up for a few of them to gauge how they supply great content and value to their members. This is a great income for some and just OK for others.
Successful bloggers make 3 - 5 figures a year, but it took them time and much effort to get there. Use a few of these methods or all of them if you're really ambitious. Keep at it and utilize multiple income streams for your business.

Marketing what are Your interests

What exactly does  marketing online mean? Well, in it's most basic definition it means just what it sounds like. You're marketing and promoting products on the internet. Those products could be your own, or they could be products you promote through affiliate links or a combination of both, which is what I recommend. "What products will I market online?"  This is where people who are new get confused but let's look at the process step by step.
The first thing you need to do is figure out what interests you. Whether your interests are money, health, running, or fashion, think of things that interest you. Why should you base your online marketing venture on things that interest you? There's actually two reasons. The first is, when you're building your website or blog and developing content the process should be enjoyable, if you're writing about a topic you hate, you won't having fun and the content you produce will not be as good as if you were writing about something you enjoyed on a personal level.
The second reason why you want to base your internet marketing business on things that interests you is so you won't quit! Contrary to what a lot of people believe, when you start marketing on the internet, it can be very difficult especially in the beginning. If you're not marketing products you enjoy yourself, you'll quit as soon as you feel you aren't reaping the benefits(money) as fast you thought you should. Remember, internet marketing should be fun and rewarding. 

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