August 1, 2015

Wealthy Affiliate & Profit Academy, Build Your Affiliate Business

Wealthy Affiliate & Profit Academy, Build Your Affiliate Business

Affiliate  marketing has been going for more than 15 years. There are many programs out there that say they'll help teach you how to make money online. The only problem is a lot of them are very expensive. They also say they make $1,000's using their marketing strategies. The $1,000's they're making though is the money which you spend to get their program. There are many Guru and their Courses, but unfortunately a lot of them failed leaving our pockets even emptier. From my stumbled upon some good programs like Tycoon Cash Flow, Operation Affiliate Domination,  Wealthy Affiliate and Profit Academy. They will all teach you the think about internet marketing, what kind of tool you must have,  how it works, and how to make money. Here's a little bit about the last two programs ( Wealthy Affiliate and Profit Academy), what they offer, and how I rated them.

Profit Academy. Recommended for-Beginners to Experienced.  What Is Profit Academy?  Ican say It is one of the most comprehensive training programs by Anik. The main course is 12-weeks course where each week you get access to one brand new training session. This isn’t just about 12-weeks step-by-step training instead there are several other learning methods included like webinars, workshops, live events and direct coaching. The question Is?  What you should expect from 12-weeks training program and from the entire Profit Academy course?
Well you should expect a complete business with your own website setup and running successfully by the end of 12th week of training. The course content is based on what Anik personally has learned over years. He shares his personal strategies and methods that he used to grow his business and what he used to make money from the internet. You get access to a proven money making system that has worked not only for Anik himself but for his hundreds of students. So one thing is pretty sure – as soon as you enter the course, you are sure to succeed.

Features of Profit Academy. Profit Academy comes with numerous free as well as paid resources. Whatever you are taught, you are also taught how to do it. The methods and strategies work. You learn money making strategies and secrets that Anik have used personally and the same strategies have been used by lot of his students who are making massive income online.
Entire training is practically applicable. It is not just theory so whatever you learn, you can implement it practically.The training program covers everything from creating a website to driving traffic to outsourcing to making massive income. The author has tried not to leave any stone unturned.
There are a lot of different training methods for instance PDFs, videos, workshops, webinars, live sessions, forum, question and answer session and many others. Not only that members are trained by Anik but there are other several industry experts on board that will be training you. This makes it one of the best courses to make money online. The entire training program is authored by Anik Singal who happens to be a well-known entrepreneur with intensive experience with starting and successfully running internet businesses.

What you should expect from Profit Academy. You will create your own website, landing pages, squeeze pages and other marketing pages. You will get access to builder that will help you create pages on autopilot with extreme ease. You will learn all about email marketing and how to build your own list of subscribers.
Monetizing your website and making money from it. Traffic generation is something that you cannot go without. You will learn all about solo ads, Facebook traffic, paid traffic, SEO, traffic from forums and from kindle publishing.  How to create your own funnel. Everything you need to know to create your own digital product from scratch.By the end of the 12 week training session, you will have your own website and you will be in a position to generate traffic, build your own list and make money from it.

Wealthy Affiliate. Recommended for-Beginners to Experienced. This is a program with literally thousands of members. It's good for any level or type of online marketer because of all the tons of tools, resources, video tutorials, and great support they give for if you have any questions. It is a paradise for any online business owner or affiliate.
Best Quality Training Materials. Wealthy Affiliate University has the best training materials available. They offer more than 500 individual tutorials and two levels of training. Introductory clients should enroll in the 30-Day success club. The club gets you going on making money pronto. Intermediate clients - those with some prior experience - can jump into the 8-Week Action Plan. The Action Plan helps you scale-up your business to a full time operation.
Unbeatable Tech Support. They offer the best tech support on the web. You'll get one on one support whenever you need it. And you'll also have the support of the entire WA community, including the owners, Kyle and Carson.

Great Tools. Wealthy Affiliate offers the best tools around to help your business succeed. Use the Keyword tool to find out what words people are using to search, and then use the Rapid Writer platform and the keyword density tool to incorporate those keywords into great articles that drive traffic to your marketing sites. And there are tons of other tools, including the Site Rubix website builder and the WordPress express tool.

Excellent Contacts. When you're with Wealthy Affiliate, you're not alone. There are hundreds of other website entrepreneurs just like you using WA. They'll help you and you'll help them. You're a team, working together, and you're bound to succeed.
It offers great courses for all marketing strategies like PPC, SEO, Article, Email, Forum, and many others. You have direct e mail contact with the owners Kyle and Carson who are millionaires. They have all sorts of tools like a link cloaker, website builder, clickbank research tool, keyword research tool, rapid writer, and lots more. The greatest part is being able to go to the forum. Here you can leave posts to ask questions you may have or give advice.

There are all sorts of great money making tips in the forum. Some people actually leave videos and show how they make $100-$200 a day. When you start applying all sorts of information like that your almost guaranteed to succeed. The members create a lot of the tutorials on specific topics on internet marketing. So you literally get to hear their marketing strategies on how they became successful and learn tons of new ways to make money.

Which One Should You Buy?  the Profit Academy is not cheap. You are charged $797 for 4 months. When you sign up, you will be charged $797 instantly and then you will be billed $797 every 30 days for next 3 months. Here is a good news. It comes with complete 30 days money back guarantee. Yes, you can ask for full refund within first 30 days of your purchase if you are not satisfied with your purchase. The money back guarantee makes Profit Academy an absolute risk-free investment. 
Wealthy Affiliate is a monthly fee $19.00. With Wealthy Affiliate you get even more videos, courses, along with tons of tutorials, resources, tools, 1 on 1 support, and the forum for if you have questions. I would highly recommend you getting Wealthy Affiliate. It will help you learn everything you need to know and answer any questions you might have and make you become a highly successful internet marketer.


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