August 9, 2015

How to Motivate Yourself When Nothing Your Affiliate Is Working Out

How to Motivate Yourself  When Nothing Your Affiliate Is Working Out
By Eve Grant  
Of all the millions of resources out there for Affiliate Marketing newbies, there is not a single resource I found that is focused on motivating the struggling, confused and sometimes dejected affiliate marketing newbies who are ready to give up. That is why I took it on to myself to write this article for you if you need a lift today. One thing that must be clear to you by now is that affiliate marketing is not as easy as they told you. It is a challenging field with lots of competition, a steep learning curve and money hungry sharks lurking at every corner waiting to lure in the next affiliate marketing newbie and make them their prey. That said, affiliate marketing is not a scam, it is real and it is possible for a hardworking, sincere person to make it and make it big.
A big percentage of Affiliate Marketing newbies eventually fail but you should not be one of them. I will tell you why. The ones who failed, did so because they gave up. How will they ever know if they were just one step away from that sale? Will you ever be able to stop thinking about that now? Won't that stop you from giving up? You must understand that even very seasoned marketers need at least 50-100 hops to make one sale. Let us do the math, say you have one article out there and let us assume 100 people read your article. Say your click-through-rate is about 20%, which is good for an affiliate marketing newbie, the you will have 20 people who will end up on your landing page, say 10 of them clicked through to the merchant's page, you have a very slim chance of getting a sale. Now consider you have been here longer and put 9 more articles out there, then you have a good chance of making that sale. Say you have 50 articles out there, you can only imagine.
So what did you learn from the math example. Here are the three things you should get out of it.
One, the more articles you have out there, the closer you are to that sale.
Two, since you are an affiliate marketing newbie and have to do everything on your own with possibly no budget for outsourcing your tasks or helpful software to speed up your work, it will take time to get those 50 articles out there.
Three, you will be doing yourself no good by changing your niche every day. The only way you will get 50 articles out for that one product, is by focusing on that one product till it starts making you money and then move on to another while this one will keep working on auto pilot for a few months at least.
If you think your only motivator can be that sale, then you are setting yourself up for failure. Because as I have illustrated above, it just plain takes time to build a network of articles and in that time, sales are hard to come. So change your motivators. Set goals about what you can do and not the results. You can control your actions not the results. It is only when you put in consistent, quality work out there that the results will start to come.
Every time you think you don't have it in you to go on anymore, take a break, seriously. Just cut yourself loose from the computer, the smart phone, anything that will make you think about affiliate marketing. Clear your mind, detach yourself from the money aspect of it and come back with a fresh approach the next day and tell yourself that all the effort you have put in, deserves another try. Maybe, this is the last blow you need to break through. Think about all the hours you have spent, while your family and friends had to give up on time with you. Think about all the things you are learning and how affiliate marketing is going to teach you so many skills which you can still use even if someday, you don't want to do this anymore.
I really believe that this is something that has the potential to change your life for the better as it has done so from me. It will not only help you improve your living standard but something that an Affiliate Marketing newbie is not thinking of is, it will show you your potential, you will gain a new respect for yourself and feel a sense of accomplishment that no other job can give you. Just hang in there and keep working at it and it will work out.I put up a page on my blog for affiliate marketing newbies with my favorite inspirational videos and other stuff that has helped me over time.

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