July 6, 2016

5 Secrets To Writing Popular Blog Posts

Blogging is an ongoing process: Content generation, and curation are two important aspects of it. By the end, your blog should constantly be updated with new content. Now, we usually categorize content into two form:
Pillar content and filler content.
We have already talked about Pillar content in detail earlier and today, we will look into the aspect of creating Popular blog posts. Writing a popular blog post is not an easy task, but it is not impossible. I believe that anyone can write a popular blog post if you are committed to it.
Writing a popular blog post may require extra effort and time, but it is surely worth the effort. Such kind of post will not only help you to increase Social signals but also help you to get quality backlinks. Especially, in 2016 when quality and natural links matter the most, such blog content will help your blog not only survive, but grow to next level.
The kind of traffic, exposure, backlinks and subscribers that a popular single post will give you may be more than the entire traffic your blog has ever gotten that is why you need to start writing the popular posts which are often called
Important Ingredients for creating Popular Blog Posts 
Now, there is a huge difference between a regular blog post and such posts which will contribute the most to your blog. When you are creating such list, you have to make sure every detail is proof-read and always cite the source of information, as it will help in building the credibility and you will also get Outbound link SEO advantage.

Your Article Headline
Your headline is a crucial factor when in determining if your blog post will become popular. Your headline is the first thing that a potential reader will first come in contact with, & it determines if a reader will click through to read your entire or will move away.
Using this post-Headline as an Example “5 Secrets To Writing Popular Blog Posts”; This headline is somehow tempting because of the word “SECRET” in the headline.
The word “SECRET”, makes anyone feel the rush within about learning something new about writing blog posts, readers felt that they are going to learn a hidden technique or trick for writing popular blog posts isn’t it? :-D
You too should apply this principle to your blog posts; you should make use of tempting and spicy words in your post Headline to make your headline attractive and tempting to your readers click. You can use these free headline analyzer tools to write killer headlines.Use words like Ultimate, Secret, Fail-Proof, Killer, Free, Fantastic, Effective, Mega and so on.If you are worried about SEO and catchy title, you should read: How to optimize post titles for readers & Search

Quality Content
Your post content goes a long way in making your post popular; after people get excited and tempted to click through by your headline, the only thing that will keep them much longer on your post page is your post content.
For your post to be popular, you need to learn to create compelling contents, the kind of contents that makes your readers go “WOW!” and this can only be achieved by providing value in your post.
Make a detailed research about the topic you are to write and create a detailed post with necessary information and details such that anyone who reads it will fall in love with your post content. You should also format your content very well and make it scannable.

Be Controversial
Another awesome secret to writing a popular post is to get controversial. Being controversial does not mean you should be insulting or abusive, rather you should write constructive criticism about a popular Topic, subject, Blogger or anything that is in really going viral.When you write constructive criticisms about something in vogue, and you can support you points and views with substantial facts, your post has a high tendency of going viral and becoming popular.
After writing a controversial post, make sure you share it on social media sites and also send a tweet and mention the post to anyone that has a connection with the post (the person or company that you criticized) this will make them aware of your most and usually they will retweet and share your post.
Follow Trends in Your Niche
Following trending issues and topics in your niche is also a great opportunity for creating a popular blog post.Did you notice when Pinterest was trending in the blogosphere? Many bloggers wrote a lot of posts on Pinterest; some even went further to create eBooks and various products about Pinterest, and I bet it with you that they all got a great result from their actions.
You too can implore this tactic to write a popular blog post; look for what is trending in your Niche and write a post about it. Don’t just write any other usual blog post thingy, but create a detailed post with lots of information about that trending topic and before you know it, you are the news in town.
Another technique is to use the sensitive topic in your niche and craft a well-researched post.

Ask Your Readers to Share
The most popular posts are usually popular because of lots of social media promotion, people tend to read posts that are shared by friends or liked by people they know. Also, the easiest way for people to find your content is through social media sites.
Therefore, after writing your posts, make sure you tell your readers to hit the sharing button; most people will read, drop a comment and leave but you can include a “CALL TO SHARING” beneath after your posts. You may think it’s not necessary, but I can tell you that it works well, as a matter of fact, it has worked for me.
Same is with sharing your articles on Facebook or Twitter, instead of sharing it automatically, use manual share and ask questions right there for more engagement.
Over to You

Well, these are some of the things which will help you to compile a popular blog post and am sure that you will have one or two other techniques you usually use to create that “EPIC SHIT”. Kindly share your tips and techniques with us in the comment section; we will love to learn from you. If you find this post informative and useful, don’t forget to share it on Facebook and Google plus.
Source: http://www.shoutmeloud.com/secrets-writing-popular-blog-posts.html


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