July 17, 2015

Find Starving Crowds People for Your Business Affiliate Marketing

Find Starving Crowds People for Your Business Affiliate Marketing
 By harmen batubara

How to succeed with affiliate marketing?  Has to be the most frequently asked question not only by any NEW AFFILIATE MARKETER, but even the intermediates. Good news is, it can be done by literally anyone, no matter at what skill level you are and without the need of having to go through many complicated processes. If you want to succeed fast in affiliate marketing, you need to stop looking for some magic button that is claimed to be able to bring you instant success. Any success requires some work and a bit of time. But if you do it correctly, you don't have to work so hard for it and success will be yours in just a short matter of time.
Rememner you do not need to work harder, you only need to work smarter. The key to fast success is to know exactly which methods will work effectively, be very good at it and keep repeating the same process. By doing so, you will ultimately have a system that you can utilize every time you start a new campaign.That is how you will succeed fast in affiliate marketing right from the beginning and in the long run. Here I am about to share with you is two easy-to-do methods that have proven to be very effective, as it have helped me greatly in all of my affiliate marketing campaigns, and keep on helping many others achieve the same tremendous results as well.

FIRST - KNOW HOW TO FIND STARVING CROWDS. This is the core fundamental to any successful business that many keep neglecting. You need to know how to identify hungry crowd that will open their wallets!
A  best and simple way to find a STARVING CROWD is to look at relevant forums and find what people are COMPLAINING ABOUT. Look at Amazon book reviews. The reviews for the book give valuable clues for what people were looking for when buying the book. Or you can find it in another way.

Identified all the problems someone may face when he has “some think” that he can’t sell. Then wrote down all the questions someone looking to sell “some think” might want to ask You, including:
How low do you need to go on price?  Eveyr body afraid of losing too much money.
How quickly will the “some think” sell?  Every body sick of seeing their warehouse full of old stock!
How discrete will the process be? Some time the answer more than  it’s kind of embarrassing.

The list went on and on. When you SIT AND THINK about it, your potential customers have many UNANSWERED QUESTIONS that might lead them to your business. The next stage was to create a list of phrases that potential customers would type into a search engine if they were looking to sell “some think”  I believe and some how you would  came up with a list of phrases. You can put the phrases into the Google keyword planner and identified twenty that had the highest volume and the lowest competition. Then  you can checked out Google Trends to make sure there was still solid demand.
With these twenty keywords, you can performed some basic search engine optimisation for your site. It was soon ranking highly for these key search terms and you can much much more to find a crowd of starving people.  
Just think about it. How hard will it be for you to sell ice water to a group of people you have found stranded in the middle of a desert?  The best thing is.  Once you know this, you will have no problem finding profitable niches as well because it will come to you by itself. You will be surprise at how many lucrative markets to be found out there and how easy you can enter these hot markets.

You need to be able to bring the starving crowd, or targeted traffic to your site, preferably LOTS of them so they can find your offers EASILY. You will want them to find your site as soon as they hit the search button after typing in the item they are looking for in the search engine. The more targeted traffic you can bring, the better your chance of generating lots of sales.
There are two kind of traffic you can go for. Paid traffic or free traffic, also known as organic traffic. I personally suggest you paid traffic as far is still make profit for you. You still can use free traffic if you know how it’s work. so I will not talk much about it here. To successfully bring lots of free, well targeted traffic to your site, you only need to know good Search Engine Optimization. All that you need to understand are: The basic of on site and on page optimization. This will make your site get indexed much quicker by major search engines so they know of your existence among millions of others out there on the internet.
 Adding unique and valuable content to your Site. Adding unique and valuable content is one major factor that is crucial for your success, which many still think as something hard to do. But still you can do it, if you want too. These two success-proven methods are all you actually need to succeed with affiliate marketing business. The faster you gain knowledge about them, the faster you will achieve success.

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