August 6, 2017

Long Tail Pro, Best Keyword Research For Marketing

Long Tail Pro (LTP) is a keyword research tool that lets you quickly and easily picks up high profit, low competition phrases to build your niche blog around. LongTailPro is a desktop keyword research tool which runs on Adobe Air (works on Windows & Mac). It’s a premium tool which costs $47/month.  But you can also test-drive it for $1 using this LINK FOR THE NEXT 10 DAYS. I suggest that you signup for their trial, so that you can try it yourself while reading this review and tutorial. One great thing about LongTailPro is that you don’t have to be an SEO master to use this tool. The user interface is simple and straightforward. You will get used to it very quickly. In another word, the information LTP gives you will allow you to make more money, faster, while reducing any chance of failure significantly. Some of my friend says, it allows you to WIN before you even start.

As soon as you started using this tool, you will quickly fell in love with these two main features:  LTP offers you tons of long tail ideas about any subject you can think of an Incredible analysis of any KEYWORD PHRASE, including long tails—with thorough stats on the top 10 current sites ranking for that phrase, the site’s title and meta description, its number of inbound links, page rank, and other important metrics.
If you’ve ever struggled to come up with blogging ideas you’ll not only love it, but quickly see how well this tool for you. As you might imagine, the ability to completely see and study how the competition is ranking for certain keyword phrases in your niche has significant value for any company. Tack this on with its other features, and Long Tail Pro makes a ton of sense for content marketers.
Before we go deeper with LTP, I want to give you a little background on what the tool is used for. As I mentioned in the intro, LTP is a keyword research tool. What separates it from other keyword tools is that it’s specifically built to help find long tail keywords that have LOW COMPETITION and he’s incredible analysis. A lot of marketers use tools like the Google Keyword Planner, or others, but what these products/services lack is the ability to show you how hard/easy it will be to rank highly for the keywords they suggest. That’s the beauty of LTP.
LTP has 3 major selling points that LTP uses are: Faster keyword research; ability to analyze competitors on Google and check where your site ranks for keywords. Is that having any meaning for you? If not so the LTP is not for you. The reason?  LTP is a one stop shop for finding and analyzing keywords. You enter in a seed keyword (“marketing” for example) and LTP will give you a list of related keywords and detailed information about each one by using data collected from a variety of sources including AdWords, seomoz, and others. The program comes in two different versions: Long Tail Pro and Long Tail Pro Platinum. The difference between the two is that LTP Platinum comes with a few extra features, most notably the Keyword Competitiveness Calculator. Later on, I’ll let you know whether or not I recommend going with the regular subscription or the Platinum and explain why.
And that’s why many bloggers have been using Long Trail Pro.  For the price, it’s the best keyword research tool available last year in 2013. It was created by  Spencer Haws to fill in the gaps left by other popular keyword tools like Market Samurai and SECockpit. Personally, and for me Market Samurai is the best one and I loved it, until I discovered Long Tail Pro. In this article I will not get into the comparisons. 
Is Long Tail Pro a Good Fit for You?
Will it work on my Mac or only on a PC? It works on both just fine.  You can install it on more than one computer? Yes, LTP works great on both and you can install it on up to three different computers without paying any extra.  Do you need any special software or applications to make it work? Long Tail Pro runs via something called Adobe Air.  It’s free and auto-installs itself upon opening up LTP for the first time.  Like anything else, make sure you do the updates for Adobe Air when prompted. Is Long Tail Pro a Good Fit for You?  On my using Long Tail Pro I was very pleased with the very fast speed it generated keywords. And there are so many filters to choose so that I get only the keywords that are most profitable. There is even a filter to limit the amount of Cost Per Click or CPC and I can put the actual amount. With Long Tail Pro I can analyze my competition and I am able to get keywords with low competition. This means there is more likelihood of people preferring to click my links. 
Finally I can monitor with this software where my rank is in Google and I can use linking with other websites and other methods to get a higher ranking in Google. I found this kind of guarantee in this product only: immediate refund of your money if you are not satisfied with the software. There is no waiting for 30 days or 45 days or 60 days. Use it and if you are not satisfied, you can get an immediate refund. (Source:   By Jose Bulao
How much does it cost? You have three options at the time of writing this review: First, you can download a free trial version to test-drive the tool for 10 days; second, you can purchase the standard Long Tail Pro version for a one-time fee of $77; and Third, you can buy the Long Tail Pro Platinum version for $77 today, plus $17 per month thereafter (cancel at any time). Long Tail Pro Platinum does everything the standard Pro version does, plus it makes it easier to assess competition, allow you to store keyword favorites, auto-tracks your rankings in Google and more. The Platinum version’s awesome “KC” (keyword competition) feature that made your work as a no-brainer.
If you’re wondering if such a tool is for you, I’d simply give you this answer. Remember LTP is not a magic pill it is just a tool.  There’s still much work to be done.  You’ll need to create compelling content, based off those keywords.  The better the content and the more you promote it, the faster you rank and the more you’ll make. If you’re serious about content and inbound marketing and you want to create your business-related blog posts that lead to more traffic, leads, and sales–then you should at least give it a test drive. Like I said, it comes with an excellent guarantee, and you can visit the site here to watch more videos regarding this impressive tool.
My Last Comment about LTP
Whether you’re blogging, making niche sites, or doing anything else that requires keywords, LTP will make your life so much easier. As for which version you should go for, I’d say start out with just the standard LTP. The KC calculator is nice, but if you know a little bit about SEO, then you’ll be able to get a good idea of the sites on page optimization and LTP will tell you the off page SEO info you need such as backlinks, authority, domain age, and page rank.
LongTailPlatinum is a keyword research tool for smart and modern bloggers. It doesn’t matter what kind of website you have, LTP will help you to find the best keywords that you can use for your blog to drive more traffic and generate more revenue in whatever methods you choose. Believe me LTP is easily the best IM related purchase you’ve made so far and is a staple in your internet marketing tool kit. If nothing else, you should give the 10 day free trial a try to see what LTP is all about. Trust me, you won’t regret it. If so, I recommend buying Long Tail Pro Now.


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