September 13, 2017

How To Market Your Blog

Do You Know How To “Market” Your Blog?
“Are You Tired Of All The Standard Blog Traffic Advice That Doesn't Work?”
Let Me Show You My Step-By-Step Formula
To Attract Your First 1,000 Readers Refined
Over 10 Years As A Professional Blogger
“Completely Re-Written For 2016, The Only Traffic Guide
Created Specifically For Bloggers By A Blogger”

When I first started my blog, I already had experience running Internet businesses. As I found out, a blog is a little bit different.
I was writing regular content to my website and I knew that I had to go out there and do some marketing to bring attention to my blog, but I wasn't really sure exactly which are the best techniques to use.
I did some research and quickly discovered that the challenge is not in finding techniques to grow your blog and build traffic – it's figuring out which ones actually work!
I found myself overloaded with too much information on how to drive traffic to my blog – from pay per click advertising, banner advertising, article marketing, search engine marketing, video marketing, social media marketing and on and on and on…
What Are The Most Important Elements When It Comes To Traffic?
One thing I'm good at is taking action and I knew that was the best way to solve my too much information problem.
Since I had little money at the time I decided to focus only on free methods to grow my blog traffic.
I knew Google could be the answer if I learned how to optimize my blog for search engines, because organic traffic from search engines is free traffic.
After spending quite a bit of time testing different techniques to get traffic from Google, including many that didn't work, and some that only worked temporarily, I eventually learned what I believe are the most important elements.
This turned out to be the first major breakthrough in my blog traffic…

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