December 4, 2017

Discover – Best Lead Generation and Automation Software

Discover for Marketing

Find the leads your team needs. 

Discover lets you, as a marketing professional, find the leads that your sales team demands. Rather than spending your time prospecting, instead spend your time deciding where to search and what keywords to use, and let Discover do the leg work.

Discover – Best Lead Generation and Automation Software
Your internet marketing is incomplete without a smashing email marketing campaign. Or is it? But, there is only one problem. Finding the best email prospects isn't easy. This is where Discover Lead Generation Software comes in. They're claiming that their proprietary lead generation and automation software can do the job for you. So, In this review I will give you an in-depth analysis of Discover Lead Generation Software.

So, you have an email autoresponder like mailchimp? Then you can hook your mailchimp account with discover lead generation. This will help you to import all your existing contacts. Select your project (or create a new project if you like) , select your preferred autoresponder. select your predefined email list. 

Then hit the 'Save Rule' button.

You can create a scheduled search just like this to collect. All you have to do is enter your preferred search engine (In this case I selected Facebook), select your desired country and city, select the time gap between every search.  Then hit 'Save Rule'.

See? It's easy, isn't it?

After creating your scheduled search you can see a summery of your upcoming searches like this.

Discover for Sales : Discover is made for sales

Use the platform to prospect for leads and take the ‘grunt work’ out of building your sales pipeline. Focus your time on defining prospect criteria and closing business and let Discover do all the parts in the middle that would otherwise takes hours of your time each week.

Project Pipeline an Creating New Pipeline

Project pipeline will help you to insert lead prospects into different category.From lead prospects to customer you can automate the follow up and searching process. Also, You can create a new pipeline according to your needs.
Collect Email Prospects with Google Search

You can perform google search to find lead prospects.Just enter your keyword , choose the country and hit search! In this example, I want to find all possible email prospects for chiropractor. I simply entered my prospect keyword, chose the number of results i want to see and hit enter.

As you can see, The discover lead generation showed me this result for my search query. 

The Software and The Angle
DISCOVER: Is the latest part of our suite of tools for online businesses. And this time we are tapping into every business's BIGGEST need - MORE LEADS Discover will automatically generate leads for anyone, based purely on a single word being entered. But that's NOT ALL Discover will then automate every element of the process, from contacting the people right through to the follow up and addition to Autoresponders.


The Best Source of Leads  Discover lets you search the web or leading social networks for the prospects your business needs. This means that you no longer have to scour multiple locations to find the leads that will let your business flourish and grow.

Progress Leads to Sales  Discover includes a sales pipeline visualisation, letting you see progress as leads become prospects and sales. At a glance, you can see how users are progressing through your sales pipeline, from lead to customer. Integrates with email.

Fully Automated Marketing  With Discover, you can set up lead searches and have these added, with throttling, to your auto-responder lists. Fire, fine-tune and forget. Have the confidence that your lead sourcing is happening in the background while you focus elsewhere.

Project Summery

This is the projects dashboard of your discover software. You can view a summery of your past tasks. Every folder on the right side represents a project. And on the left side you will find your email scraping summery.

Integrations for Email Marketing

Integrations for Email Marketing As you can see it supports almost all major email marketing platforms like mailchimp, aweber and so on. Also, It supports Facebook, twitter, google and google plus integration. This will help you to scrape and collect email prospects from these mentioned search engines and social media platforms.

Discover Lead Generation Pricing 

Gojeo mainly offers 3 pricing packages. Startup, Growth and pro. I will recommenced you to go with the growth pack.Also, you can pay in different installments.But, you will get 2 months free if you go with their annual package.

Bonus: Gojeo Engage Software

So, Gojeo is offering a awesome bonus called 'Engage' If you opt in for a agency license you can enjoy this software for free! Basically, Engage is a chat software that will help you to perform intermediate interaction.If you use Facebook messenger, We chat and Skype you can use this software to collect email prospects. But, only agency license users will get this software for free.

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