January 20, 2019

Traffic Multiplier, Automated Marketing for Marketer

Traffic Multiplier, Automated Marketing for Marketer

What is traffic multiplier?

Ttraffic multiplier is an excellent combination of top-notch supporting tools and a special profitable method which you can freely use anytime. Thus, you are capable of creating a consistent flow of income without investing in upfront costs. So this is brand software by Glynn Kosky This product is full video training about how to drive UNIQUE traffic daily and traffic generation software. Traffic Multiplier will allow you to build list and create push notification leads so you can connect to your audience in multiple ways. With this software you will get 3 key benefits, first is you will get email auto responder that you can use to collect leads and you can also broadcast an email without monthly payment.
Second you will get push notification software that will help you to send browser notifications also without monthly payment, and also you will get page builder software to create high converting landing pages. This software 75% for newbie, with Traffic Multiplier you don’t need any experience or tech skills, and no need spend lot of money. And the best part is you will get full training videos that will show you how to drive unique traffic daily without spend lot of money on paid traffic.

How Traffic Multiplier Works?
With this software you don’t need any technical skills or coding knowledge, what you need to do is just 4 simple steps. Since it is packed with almost all of the automated features, I believe Traffic Multiplier is quite easy for everyone even beginners to start using it right away. Here are 4 simple steps to consistent & fully-аutomаted profits:

Step 1: Get Started- Login to your member’s are. - Watch the step-by-step videos and see how to unlock your multiple free software’s. Setup your simple pages – they’ll show you how – for аutomаted leаd generation.

Step 2: Get Traffic- Copy their proven traffic methods to drive prospects to your page. Generate leads аutomаticаlly, and instantly monetize them with relevant offers – they’ll show you how to find these too!
Step 3: Get Long Term Profits-Tаp into their methods for maximizing ongoing profits just by delivering high-converting offers to your leads.

Step 4: Optional, But Highly Profitable- Leverage the included retargeting and traffic hаcks to scale your profits even higher!

Traffic Multiplier – Features & Benefits

o   Here are a few main things which are included in the combination of Traffic Multiplier:
o   An over the shoulder video training course which covers lead generation, maintaining profits, and driving traffic
o   Let users easily boost the number of push notification leads and email subscribers so that you can reach out to more potential customers
o   Monetize brand new leads right from the moment that they click “Subscribe”
o   Chase after visitors that hesitate to subscribe to make sure that they will come back to your products and offers with the lowest cost
o   Expand your business to other niches using paid ads
o   Operate your promotional campaigns on complete autopilot, thus making it easier to generate commissions and fresh leads

Why You Will Love This Traffic Multiplier

From my point of view, Traffic Multiplier is a stunning choice for marketer newbies in the field of Internet marketing. Not only does it provide users with a number of different widgets, but you can also gain access to a free training course on how to use it. Both professional marketers and beginners can take advantage of this package at some points. Traffic Multiplier system is repeatable and scalable. Hence, you can unlock a huge amount of commissions and traffic. In the future, it is easier for users to scale up their businesses. Traffic Multiplier turns ‘traditional’ traffic, lead generation & promoting-for-profit upside down – Here’s why:

Twist #1 – Included FREE software- Unlike other methods that require you to buy paid software’s, this system uses. 100% no-cost tools that work as well or better than paid versions

Twist #2 – Two-In-One List Building- Collect both push notification & email leads for the best of both conversions & delivery rates – this feature alone can double your ongoing profits. To opt in, users 1st agree to push notifications to access your giveaway …Then they enter a valid email in order to get your freebie. Result? For each lead you now have both push notification & email info.

Twist #3 – Instant monetization - Upon subscription, users are automatically redirected to a monetized page with a relevant offer of your choice … and because it’s so targeted, you’ll make commissions while you build your lists

Twist #4 – Profit even when they DON’T opt in!- Traffic Multiplier lets you drop a retargeting pixel on your squeeze page – so you can use ultra-low cost, targeted ads to convert visitors into profits

Twist #5 – Free traffic + step-by-step training included- The product creators are experts at driving no-cost traffic – and they’ll show you exactly how to do it. Enjoy all the benefits of premium traffic – higher conversions & fast results – with none of the costs. In addition – the vendors share Step-By-Step training on exactly how to start from scratch and maximize profits. No stone unturned, just follow along and copy what they do to profit!

Why Should You Buy Traffic Multiplier?
There are some important things which make more marketers will feel impressed by the way Traffic Multiplier functions. Following up of the initial page that you create provides your subscribers with a giveaway using a push notification to capture their information. In this way, building lists is a much simpler mission.
After that, the visitors will be redirected to another page when they sign up, which is a page that requires them to fill out their emails. As a result, users can double the chances of making profits from potential clients.

Evaluation and Price
In my opinion, Traffic Multiplier is a reliable traffic generating package due to its functionalities. I think the best part of this platform is its video course in which it leads users through the process of generating traffic right from the first few clicks. Additionally, you can also learn how to maximize your profits with the built-in widgets.
Moreover, the interface is highly intuitive for beginners. Thus, you will get along with it in no time. If the concept of Traffic Multiplier interests you, do not forget to take a look at the official sales page on January 09, 2019 to see updated news. Furthermore, the front-end package is $27.

In addition, there are some upgrades for you to take your business to new heights:
OTO 1: Traffic Multiplier GOLD: Done-For-You Campaigns ($47 – $67)
·         Acceѕѕ to library of Done For You funnelѕ
·         Proven funnels that will get you sales
·         Proven funnels that make you money
·         Proven funnels that generate leads
·         Funnels including landing pages
·         Funnels including auto responder email sequence
·         Funnels including push button sequence
·         100% done-for-you affiliate offers pre-selected
·         Copy & paste “Plug-n-Play” style
·         Done for you funnels is easiest way to make money online
·         No need to pay for funnel creation work again
·         No need to pay copywriters ever again
·         No need to pay for expensive design work
·         No need for any more expensive tool or software
·         Zero tech skills required
·         No website or hosting required
·         100% done-for-you solution
·         Use these funnel to generate lead, ale & commiѕѕionѕ
·         24/7 access to multiple free profit tools
·         365 customer support from their US based team
OTO 2: Traffic Multiplier PLATINUM: Lead Magnet Library ($47 – $67)
o   Access to their Deluxe library of lead magnets
o   Access to their Deluxe library of digital products
o   Download or hosted on their server!
o   Lead magnets will generate leads for free
o   Newbie friendly one-click lead generation
o   100% Done-For-You solution
o   No need to ever create your own digital product
o   No need to worry about how to generate leads
o   No need to pay for expensive design work
o   No need for any more expensive tool or software
o   Step-by-step quick start video tutorials included
o   Zero tech skills required
o   Chance to get free viral traffic in minute
o   Automated “newbie friendly” passive money making system
o   Make money starting today
o   Use these lead magnet to generate lead & ale
o   24/7 access to multiple free profit tools
o   365 customer support from their US based team
OTO 3: Traffic Multiplier TITANIUM: Facebook Pixel Tools & Training ($47 – $67)
§  Facebook Pixel & Ads training
§  Additional Facebook software tools
§  Crush it retargeting with Facebook!
§  Full length video training to help you make money
§  10x money-making video series
§  10x fast track cheat sheets
§  Access to their personal traffic rolodex
§  Zero-cost business startup guide
§  Zero tech skills required
§  Newbie friendly training
§  Easy to follow guides & video series
§  Vital you take this training to help you with Facebook!
§  24/7 access to multiple free profit tools
§  365 customer support from their us based team
OTO 4: Traffic Multiplier License Rights ($97 – $147)
o   You get rights to sell Traffic Multiplier
o   You get DFY email swipes to promote as your own product
o   Everything is done for you
o   You also get a series of traffic videos to help you sell Traffic Multiplier as your own, especially if you haven’t run traffic before
o   You also get acceѕѕ to Glynn via FB and Skype for any future help
o   Perfect for anyone who want their own product to keep higher percentage profit when promoting
What’s more, this platform pairs up with a money guarantee policy. Specifically, within one month, you have the right to ask for your money back if you are not satisfied with this package’s features. This is an outstanding way to protect consumers’ rights.

·         Any type of niche can be found in the package
·         The help desk is highly responsive to questions
·         Newbie-friendly interface with lots of built-in features
·         Step-By-Step quick start video tutorials included
·         No experience needed
·         24/7 access to multiple free profit tools
·         365 customer support from their US based team
·         CONS
·         There is no significant mistake with this platform

Traffic Multiplier  Traffic generation always sparks off a lot of arguments because of its constantly changing concepts. A method which is effective today might not be as much effective anymore in the future. For that reason, a marketer needs to be flexible enough to adapt to changes. Finally, the Traffic Multiplier system is repeatable and scalable. Hence, you can unlock a huge amount of commissions and traffic. In the future, it is easier for users to scale up their businesses.
Source :   http://www.harmenbatubara.com/traffic-multiplier-automated-marketing-profit-system/

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