February 4, 2019

The Philosophy Behind How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing


By Lynne Stansfield 

For many people, the idea of working online from your own home is a strange thing; it's much easier to take your chances with an office job or something similar, isn't it? This is why so many people are quick to shout down the possibility to learning how to make money with affiliate marketing; they are led to believe it's such a hard thing to do, that there is no point in even trying to do so.
However, billions of dollars go through the internet on a regular basis; this is arguably the biggest industry in the world, where people from all backgrounds and niches are able to make a living. For many of these people, they make their living directly from other people's products; by helping to promote the quality work made by others, they can make a small commission in doing so. It's the same as running a store, really!
If you were to open up a gadget store, you wouldn't be inventing all the gadgets yourself and releasing them - you would be supplying and stocking the finest gadgets that you can find. Affiliate marketing works in the exact same way; the only difference is that to run an affiliate marketing business you don't need a place to store your products or an office to work from. Literally everything that you could possibly need to run your own affiliate marketing business can be done from the comfort of your computer chair!
This is the main philosophy behind to make money with affiliate marketing - treat it like a normal business without the added costs. If somebody suggested to you that you open up a store that sells your favorite kind of products - let's use computer parts as an example - you would think "Great idea!" because you envisage running your own store, supplying everything in and running it just the same as any other computer business on the street.
However, suggesting doing the same thing through the web is like suggesting you jump off a bridge - why? It's the exact same principals and ideals. In fact, it's easier than running a typical offline or brick and mortar business! You need to understand that by using affiliate marketing as your main means of making an income, you cut out all of the logistical nightmares a normal business has. Instead of printing off huge advertising campaigns and running a store day-to-day, you'll have an e-mail marketing list, some PPC ad campaigns and a main website that lists your affiliate links and products you sell or promote.

It really is as simple as that - you take out all of the hardship of running a business. No longer do you need to convince companies to work with you and give you stock to sell; they'll be inviting you in actively if they have an affiliate marketing program to use!
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