February 26, 2019

Massive Firesale Bundle On Saving Offer

Massive firesale bundle On Saving Offer

Here's A Super Crazy Savings Offer...
Partnered With Veteran Marketer Edmund Loh To Give You All 6 Firesale Bundles And Their Upgrades And Save 65%

Hi  This Fire Sale Is from Emmanuel-Sunny OJEAGBASE Just call Me Emmanuel.  Edmund is one of his Mentor. He is always go-to guy when it comes to online marketing and there is a chance you might have already heard of him.
But then He had an idea...He twisted his arm a bit to see if he would be willing to do a special Bundle only for Emmanuel Customers. So here you go...On this page, He've convinced Edmund to give you a one-time chance to get all of his past Firesale packages including their Upgrades... for ONE LOW PRICE.
NOTE they were selling at their own individual prices and most (if not all) are no longer available to the public. So you get them ALL on this page...

First Let's See All The Firesale Packages...
Firesale Package 1: Continuity Income Program (52 Modules)

Firesale Package 2: E-Commerce Firesale (40 Modules)

Firesale Package 3: Social Media Firesale (36 Modules)

Firesale Package 4: Big Business Firesale (42 Modules)

Firesale Package 5: White Label Firesale 1 (457 Products!)

Firesale Package 6: White Label Firesale 6 (10 Products)

Total Selling Price For All These Firesale Packages + Their Upgrades: $27 + $67 + $27 + $67 + $27 + $67 + $27 + $67 + $37 + $67 + $27 + $67 = $574

Get Everything On This Page And Save 65%

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