June 11, 2016

How to Increase Website Traffic Without Knowing SEO

How to Increase Website Traffic

By Evan Fisher


How to increase website traffic fast? Many people look to social media to help them draw more visitors to their website or blog, but did you know that social media also helps you draw more visitors to your product or service as well? The reason I ask is because you can use social media for promoting your website, business, or product in a number of different ways that help you increase website traffic fast. In this article I will show you how to increase website traffic with social media posts. So let's get started:

How to Increase Website Traffic Fast with Social Media How to do this by creating content transformation diagrams. A content-transformation diagram is simply a graphical representation of an information resource. For example, a website visitor might view a graph of "diet and exercise," "top sites," "the best diet plan" and "the costliest diet plan." Each bar represents a unique source of data or content on the subject of that particular graph.

You can create a content-transformation diagram for any topic with which you are familiar. Once you have chosen your topic, look at the types of content available on the Internet on the topics you chose. If you see that there on the topic, that's a good indication that you should consider there is a lot of content out putting some of it on your website.

The best ways to drive traffic to your website, then, are to rank for high search terms related to your niche and write articles and blog posts around those keywords.One of the easiest and most powerful methods of keyword ranking is using Google's Keyword Tool. This tool can show you what keywords are receiving the most searches on Google every month. You can use this data to find out what keywords will be the best to drive traffic to your website. It will also show you what keywords other webmasters are using to get traffic to their sites as well.

Once you have found some good keywords, you need to write articles around those keywords. Make sure the articles are focused on your topic. If you want people to click on your ads, you must provide useful information and valuable content that are in demand on your niche. If your articles are not focused, readers will be turned off and they won't click on your ad. Focus on keywords that your target audience is likely to search for.

You need to also submit your website to several quality score websites. The higher the quality score, the more likely webmasters are to publish your ad on their sites. These sites work in conjunction with Google AdWords. The higher the quality score, the higher the ads will be displayed on the pages where your ads will appear. If you can get your ad to show on quality score websites that are closely related to your keywords, it will be even easier for you to increase traffic to your site with AdWords.

Finally, you need to make one last social media push. You can't just have a bunch of traffic come to your site one day and then forget about it. Keep these social media outlets active.

Schedule your posts so that you have content fresh for your visitors on an ongoing basis. It's important to engage your visitors and talk to them in a way that will build a relationship with them over time.

You have just learned some of the best ways to increase website traffic. These are great for increasing your website traffic in a permission-based email list.It will help you generate quality traffic and retain visitors who have been your paying customers for many years. Now all you have to do is get started. If you are looking for a great way to increase your Website Traffic Visit this Link https://rebrand.ly/webtraffic

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How to Get Traffic to Your Website Without Knowing SEO

By David H Blair 

How to get traffic to your website! Get loads of traffic and get traffic to your website FREE without knowing a single thing about search engines! Everyone wants more traffic! Many beginners focus on this solely but its only part of the process of making money online. I'm going to assume that you are not technically minded, that you aren't really interested in becoming a computer geek and that you just want a simple way to get loads of traffic.

Traffic results in lots of visitors to your website. The one thing you should "forget" about traffic is: If you are a beginner then forget about learning about SEO (search engine optimization) - it's very confusing, will slow down your progress and very likely turn you off doing any business on the internet. How do I know this? Well I've seen it happen time and time again and to be frank it slowed down my progress! To be successful you need to enjoy what you are doing and to do what you need to, to get traffic quickly to your site. So for now just use the amazing internet in a little known way and when you start making regular money, you may then want to invest in an outsourcer to help you do any of the harder technical stuff!

So how do we get the traffic? Well, our assumption is that people mainly search the internet for information, that they have a need, a desire or a hunger for information about something that is on their mind, often a problem that they need more information about or that they need to solve?The job of a search engine like Google or Bing is to supply the most relevant information about the word or phrase that has been entered in the search box. The search engine will give a list of the most relevant answers not necessarily from large companies, but from anyone provided the information is relevant and fresh.
Sites like ask.com, about.com, Wikipedia and article directories often appear on the first page whatever the search, as they are sites that collect regularly updated information. So, the 'secret' I want to tell you about today, that will give you tons of traffic at no cost, is article directories! If you can be one of the people who has their articles appear on these sites, you can get massive traffic to your own website in 2 ways.
The first way is if, when someone searches for a topic, your article has a headline close to the words used in the search, you will have an extremely good chance of appearing in that searches' first page results. This is great because when somebody clicks on that link from the results, they will be taken straight to that article at the end of which you will have placed a link to your own website! So it's a 2 stage process! First they find and read your article and if they are impressed by what you say in the article, they click on your link and visit your website!
The second way is there are lots of email newsletters devoted to particular topics. Publishers of newsletters and blogs go to articles for new content to put in their newsletters and blogs. They are allowed to take the article you wrote and put it in their newsletter or blog provided, and only provided, that they take the article in its entirety including your name and link! This you can see is tremendously important to you! If you get on a newsletter of any size this could attract huge amounts of traffic to your site. So how if you had 5, 10 or 100 articles published? Imagine what can happen! Just think a little about that?

Format and composition tips

Make them 300-500 words long, only give good solid information... no fluff... no sales pitch! Make your headlines memorable and eye catching... "3 tips for... "7 secrets of... "5 ways to... " At the end, in the author bio resource box section put a single link directing people to your website.
Read lots of articles in your topic area to get ideas and see what others are doing! Then rinse and repeat. At first it may take you a couple of hours to write an article but it does get easier... try to do one a day and after a couple of months you will have over 50 and be a good writer! Remember this is a do it only once process; once up there your article will attract traffic forever! So, how to get traffic to your website? Forget about SEO and get article writing. Start today!

David is a full time Internet Marketer, Mentor and Coach working from home in London, England. David is a great believer in getting started online for FREE, a strategy he wishes he had followed from the outset.So many fail online as they do not know step-by-step what to actually do. By opting in to David's list at [http://therapidlistbuildingsystem.com] you can be certain of getting a plethora of essential Free stuff to make your journey online as cost effective as it can be. The immediate result of the option is that you will immediately receive "Create your own Squeeze Page with Video FREE in 90 Seconds"

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