May 29, 2015

Affiliate for Newbie, I Made Work My Best Friend
I Made Work My Best Friend

By Charles Fitzgerald Butler  

No Days Off! No Plays Off! From fat and lazy to amazing. I made work my best friend. I was watching the TV show Shark Tank the other night when I saw a teenager year old pitching his product to the sharks. The sharks didn't bite and he left with no funding. But he didn't quit. Now he is running a million dollar company. This brought back memories of when I was a teenager. When I was 10 years old I started watering grasses in my neighborhood to make money. When I was 12 I had a flyer distribution business. I started a catering business when I was 14 and a vending machine business when I was 16. I had up to 22 locations for my vending machine business.

Short Cuts Don't Pay
I was fat and lazy. I just got by on what talent I had. I found that I could talk my way out of trouble. I could wrap certain teachers around my fingers. I had the gift of gab and I used it to pass my classes. I could enroll people into my vision. I had a history of looking for the short cuts, get rich quick schemes, anything that could get me a quick buck. I thought the laws of success didn't apply to me (shaking my head). I had short term success in almost everything I have done. But sustaining that success is where I dropped the ball.
It took me 25 years to develop a work ethic. 25 years to learn that success is a long arduous journey. Success is developing habits that get you the end results that you desire. I adopted the Be, Do, and then Have philosophy. Don't make my mistake of waiting do develop a work ethic.
I have read over 200 books on personal development, personal finance, real estate investment, sales, and marketing. Reading doesn't do anything but fill you with knowledge. Knowledge is useless until you put it into action. Which I failed to do.

35 and an Epiphany
When I was 35 I had an epiphany. You can say I leaned into developing a work habit. I was living in a one bedroom apartment with my mother and sister (I know very attractive huh). I didn't have a car and I had the lowest paying position at my job. I was $88,000 in debt and I was living paycheck to paycheck. I was burned out on real estate and was wondering what happened to the money I made.
I went to work and came home. I was depressed didn't have a clue on what business I was going to do. This is where I started to develop my work ethic. This is how I made work my best friend. I sat down and wrote down what I liked to do. I searched for my passion. I found my passion of speaking, writing, and vowed that I would succeed online. You need to find your passion. Work with your strengths and talents.
It wasn't like a light switch. I just didn't flip it on. It took time to develop my love for work. I started writing blogs, articles, and making videos. I joined a affiliate marketing company and learned how to market online. I called into a mastermind call every week and went back to reading books. But this time I implemented everything I learned.

These Things Take Time
Success is a grueling, learning, grinding and laborious journey. People are seduced by the microwave mentality of today's society. You are told that you can lose 40lbs in a week, reduce 20 years of aging with a cream, and become a millionaire in 90 days for 3 easy payments of $49.95. People are slaves to instant gratification and this is what causes failures in business. You don't see results right away and are frustrated. The promises of secret formulas, quick fixes, and magic pills are shoved into your mind everyday. I know I was slave to instant gratification too.
I leaned in to loving work. I leaned into becoming an author and speaker. I made work my best friend. My dreams are where I wanted to go, but work was the only way I would get there. It took me 3 years to write 100 original articles. 3 years to have 600 blog post. 3 years to find my partners. 3 years to have a company that will produce six figures.All because I made work my best friend. It was daily consistent action that got me to this point. Yes, most of it is grinding and mundane. You have to add enthusiasm to your work to make it fun. That's why working in your passion is vital for success.

Overcoming Setbacks
Setbacks will happen and it is a process that you must overcome. How you respond when roadblocks show up will determine your victory. Embrace these things because it will make you stronger. In 2013 I got hurt on my job. I tore ligaments in my wrist. The recovery would take months and I couldn't take the pay cut.
I got creative and suggested to my supervisor that I learn a new position and go on light duty. For 8 months I trained in a new position and when I recovered I was promoted to that position. The highest paid position in the company. Work was my best friend. This new position helped me pay off my debts and fund my business.

Learning From Losing
I have invested thousands of dollars online. From joining affiliate companies, trainings, attending events, product launches that didn't go anywhere, and those pretty shiny objects. My first two years I made less than $600 ($500 from that vitamin company). But I kept writing and shooting videos. I kept working on marketing. You have to keep going even when things look dim.
In May of 2014 I had my first $1000 day online. In June I had my first $1500 day and I had daily income. I learned how to build a team. I also learned that you have to do your due diligence. Some people are crooks and they do not have a problem with lying and not keeping promises.
I invested $6000 into a partnership where nothing was delivered. I made my investment back but others lost $10,000 or more. Building trust is important because you need people to succeed. Your integrity is priceless and your work ethic is part of your integrity.

Winning This Year
I amazed at the changes I have made over the last 3 years. Going from the lowest paid position to the highest paid position at my job. I have become an author. I have a cash flowing internet business. I am invited to speak at events. I have lost weight and kept my health under control. Am I where I want to be? No, but I a further along then I was three years ago.

I made work my best friend. It was simple not easy. There were days where I did quit. But I got back to work and kept pushing forward. Embrace a new work ethic in your life and see the changes come about. There are no over night successes but there are "over time" successes. Find your dream and work on it.
Charles Fitzgerald Butler, is an entrepreneur and expert in internet marketing. Charles has a passion for helping people start and run successful home businesses. You can partner with Charles and start building multiply income streams from your home. Charles' goal is to help all who partner with him achieve cash flow and profits from their business.

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