May 16, 2015

Why People Like YOU Fail In Affiliate Marketing?

Why People Like YOU Fail In Affiliate Marketing?

By Mason J Rudolph  

A women told me a story how she was laid off. She also mentioned, how she and her husband had been having some issues primarily due to their financial woes. She wanted coaching, yet she couldn't afford it, she spent over $2,000 a month for 3 months on different affiliate products, and with all of that training she failed......Which is why I wrote this article. After she had finished explaining her issues to me, I gave her my 3 reasons why she had failed despite what she purchased online and what she had ever learned.

Her first mistake
She wasn't generating targeted traffic! You can add 2000-3000 people on your list a week, yet if the subscribers aren't positioned to buy what you have to offer, you'll never be able to sell them, which is why top marketers focus on targeted traffic sources despite costs or time spent on setting them up! Get to know your audience, (which is directly related to the product you plan on promoting). Once you know your audience you can start to get into what they might want to learn.

Her second mistake
She didn't build a relationship with her list of buyers, she didn't ask them questions, and she didn't look to help them. Most newbies only care about what they want, which will leave you with a list of nothing.*For example- "I go to the deli for a breakfast sandwich every morning, and it's not because their sandwich is better. It's because of the way they make me feel when I get there." The relationship you build with your list can compensate for a crappy site, low traffic, and many other things so don't take this part of your business for granted.

Her third mistake
You aren't delivering relevant teaching. Now it'll help to first generate targeted traffic, (mentioned above) because once you have this you can figure out what they need to learn before you start pitching your sales pages at them. The Lesson: Usually for most people in affiliate marketing it's not that they lack the knowledge. The problem that they do have is their lack in concentration and accountability. Both are great business attributes, which is why most salesman and entrepreneurs have no problem starting an online business and having success with it.

The Solution:  Get a coach that will hold you accountable and that will keep you moving forward; Police yourself (finish each and every daily task);   Start each day with the most important stuff first;     Always be in learning mode but don't find yourself just doing this step. Do you want to know how I do it? Free Seminar Reveals How I Made $13,937.37 In A Mo. Download It For Free: Marketers VS. ClickBank []

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